Above is just (1) of the many #Free eBooks offered.. If you love to make things with yarn, then you’ll most likely love to crochet and knit. Afghans are the perfect project for those of you who like knitting and crocheting. Made in a variety of colors, stitches and layouts, afghans provide innumerable decorating choices to fit your home. Afghans are also a practical necessity in any home, allowing you to wrap up and stay warm all year round. Red Heart Yarn presents this FREE collection of 25 Afghan Patterns for your enjoyment. In this eBook are four knit patterns and 21 crochet patterns. You’re sure to find something you love. I’m betting you’ll love them all. http://www.allfreecrochet.com/Crochet-Afghan-Patterns/25-Afghan-Patterns-from-Red-Heart-Yarn-eBook 

So, whether you need a free crochet afghan pattern, a crochet hat or a crochet bag, AllFreeCrochet.com has you covered. Any-who, I thought I’d share the (over 53) Free eBook link with for those that haven’t found the site yet. **Share w/Friends if you’d like 😀

Link to *ALL* of the Free eBook available http://www.allfreecrochet.com/index.php/hct/Free-Crochet-eBooks 

**Share w/Friends if you’d like 😀


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