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From our family to yours, we Wish you and yours a Blessed Thanksgiving. Please follow and like us:
Nyx’s Notions™ Exclusive! Large Hardwood Crochet Yarn Ball Caddy® - Not sure about you, but I hate chasing my crochet yarn balls across the living room floor lol, hence the reason why my wonderful husband created these crochet caddy. Now you don’t have to waste time chasing down your crochet yarn/thread spools, hooks, needles, scissors etc, or spending hours untangling your yarn or thread! Everything will be all in one nice neat convenient place and ready to go. CLICK Read Post for more details.
Yarn Gift from Sandy Chin
My fabulous friend Sandi Chin and I finally meet in r/l after knowing each other for 12+ yrs in cyber. WOW, what an amazing time. It was the best day ever.
Kentucky Crafted: The Market 2016
For my Kentucky Peeps -- Kentucky Crafted: The Market 2016 - Nowhere in Kentucky, let alone the nation, will you find such a convergence of high quality art, craft, literature, music, film and food as you will at Kentucky Crafted: The Market. When you attend this show, prepare yourself for an exciting sensory experience. Kentucky Crafted: The Market is one of the only state-sponsored shows of its kind to feature traditional and contemporary fine art and craft along with Kentucky-related books, musical recordings, films and specialty food products.
cleaning frenzy
I think I’ve finally lost my mind, or my OCD (non crochet kind) is in over drive, lol. Leave it to me to do DEEP house cleaning at Midnight, lol…. What can I say, hubby’s at work, house was quiet, and the floors reallyyyyyyyyyy needed it. However, as we all know, its been one of …